Password Manager is used to store passwords in a secure and encrypted format. In a simple way, this is a very secure software where you can store your all username and password in a secure way. This is a non hackable software. No one can hack this. We have designed this software as a secure way where no database is used. Your master password is encrypted, so when you forgot that password you can also not even use this software. In that case, we are here to help you. We will provide you a new software exe file that will generate new password for you. Your previous data will not be deleted, if you forgot your password. So, don't worry about this. 

We are not taking any online data of yourself. You can use it in your system, no matter you are online or offline. Software is used in your system as offline, because there is no any data is going anywhere though online mode. All data are stored in your PC only in an encrypted way. So, no one can decrypt your password, no one can know your password. Only you can copy your password and use. 

We developed this software and successfully used in our organization. Our users are also happy to use this simple tool that keep their tension about forgetting the password in a secure way.

We are extremely proud of our support and are available to help you at anytime.

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